Most of us have a significant financial investment in our motorcycle. This is the final step. For a few percent of the entire investment we can confirm that our motorcycle is running to it fullest potential and have the peace of mind that we are not damaging the engine. Most of the time about a 10% gain in horsepower and torque is uncovered. This process can even help identify problems or near future issues. It all starts with a Dyno Evaluation.

A Dyno Evaluation is a series of tests performed on the Dyno. By monitoring your Harley Davidsonís exhaust gases and looking at itís horsepower and torque we can advise you of potential problems, let you know if there is room for improvement.

Exhaust gases are an indication of how your engine is running. We would like to see 13.2% air to fuel ratio across the entire rpm band from Idle to 100% throttle. The higher the number the more air then fuel hence a lean situation. A lean running engine will run hot, premature wear of exhaust valves and shorten the life of the engine. On the other hand the lower the number Less air then fuel would be rich. A rich running engine will run cooler temperatures, you will suffer poor fuel economy and poor performance. If excessively rich it can even wash out the cylinders removing lubrication and wearing out the piston rings and scar the cylinders.

Electronic Fuel Injection mapping is when we monitor the motorcycles exhaust system and adjust the entire fuel table so that no matter what engine rpm or throttle position the exhaust system is emitting the proper air / fuel ratio. Once mapped acceleration with be smooth without hesitation, popping, surging etc.

A conventional fuel table is simply a table with engine rpm vertically, down the left column, and throttle position horizontally, across the top. The numbers in a fuel table represent how long based on time a fuel injector stays open. The
higher the value the longer the electronic duty cycle the longer it is open.

From the factory to get through epa emission standards the narrow band 02 Sensors keep the exhaust gases from 14.7 to 15.5 air/ fuel ratio. This is to lean. The engine will run hot, exhaust system will turn gold and longevity of the engine is compromised.

On Electronic Fuel Injection motorcycles this is caused by a lean condition as you decelerate air is draw back into the exhaust system and reignites unburned fuel. With the use of a Powercommander and Dyno ACP can eliminate virtually all this unwanted annoying noise.

Each carburetor has an orifice called a jet. These jets have numbers on them. There are pilot, intermediate and main jets depending on the make and model carburetor you have. The key is knowing what jet size to install. With the use of the dyno and exhaust gas analyzer ACP is able to take the guess work out of the equation assuring proper Air / Fuel ratio.

YES! You have changed how your engine breathes but are supplying the same amount of fuel. Think of jetting or mapping as a pair of pants. If you gain or loose weight those pants wonít fit anymore. Same applies here.

ACP recommends you follow your owner manual for maintenance schedules. However if your have your fluids replaced every 3,000 miles and at the beginning of the riding season and you will dramatically extend the life of your engine, transmission and primary.

Typically that is a lean condition. This lean condition could be cause by a variety of conditions; jetting, mapping, intake leaks and timing all come into play.

Typically that is a lean condition. This lean condition could be cause by a variety of conditions; jetting, mapping, intake leaks and timing all come into play.

Typically this is a rich condition. This rich condition is usually caused by improper jetting or mapping. Even leaving the choke on to long can cause bluing.

NO! In fact short of making it sound louder the engine will suffer in performance. The baffle is in place to control the back pressure and if on a carbureted engine the exhaust back pressure dictates how the carb scavenges and atomizes fuel. A substantial loss in torque will occur. ACP can create a custom baffle that will achieve maximum torque without robbing horsepower often making the exhaust tone deeper.

99% of the time your engine is well finished making horsepower and torque before you bounce your engine off the rev limiter. ACP can put your motorcycle on the Dyno and verify the rpm that it comes into play. If your ignition has a variable rev limiter, ACP can set it to a desired rpm value.

Yes, ACP can choose the advance curve that maximizes your engines performance but yet does not ping or detonate.
My ignition module has different advance curves, can you set this to the proper one?


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