Dyno Tuning

American Cycle Performance has been Dyno Tuning motorcycles for over 15 years and is an Authorized Dynojet Tuning faciltiy. There is no substitute for experience! Currently there are 2 dynamometers in operation, both are DynoJet 250i with Eddy Current Brake Systems. These dynos are hooked to state of the art Exhaust Gas Analyzers and Computers. One dyno is permanently installed in controlled environment room, the other Is in our mobile operations unit. Please check our calendar for scheduled events and locations.
We start out by doing an evaluation of your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s tuning by performing a series of tests. By monitoring your Harley Davidson’s exhaust gases and looking at its horsepower and torque we can advise you of potential problems, let you know if there is room for improvement.

Before any tuning is done we will need to know the type of riding you are doing. Touring, 2 up, pulling a trailer or drag racing.

With results of these test and knowing the type of riding you are doing, meanwhile taking into consideration the combined weight of rider and machine, ACP can tune your Harley Davidson for optimum performance.
On a Carbureted Harley Davidson we will confirm and make adjustments to the exhaust system back pressure, timing if so equipped and jet carburetor.

On a Fuel Injected Harley Davidson we will confirm and make adjustments to the exhaust system back pressure and remap fuel table and timing table.
This is the final step to optimizing your engines performance. The cost involved is a small percentage of your total investment but yields the highest percentage of gains.

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