All our performance related work is done in-house. This allows for closer monitoring and control over the more critical factors that affect performance and build quality. Whether American Cycle Performance is building a high performance Harley Davidson engine from scratch or enhancing your current engine it all begins with a consultation with you to determine your engine’s specific application, performance expectations and service life goals as well as any special concerns or criteria you may have.

American Cycle Performance will make recommendations and custom tailor a plan and components to meet or exceed you needs. At this point ACP can give you an estimation of cost and time frame of completion.

ACP has many performance packages to meet demands of performance enthusiasts, from bolt in cams, top end kits to complete engine enhancement.

See the Advantage Series LInk on left of page for details.


Recent News
ACP ADVANTAGE is here!  95" and 103" kits available.
American Cycle Performance provides comprehensive engine services. ACP has the necessary skill sets and knowledge that is required to build high performance or rebuild stock Harley Davidson engines with all machine work performed in house.

Pan Head, Shovel Head, Evolution and Twin Cam are the most common series.

Engine Rebuilding

If you're simply looking to refresh or restore your engine to its original condition as delivered from the factory, we can rebuild your engine to original equipment manufacturer specifications and because of our quality control your engine will be considerably better than what the factory provided.

American Cycle Performance will teardown your Harley Davidson engine and inspect all individual components to determine the reuse or replacement of any parts. A list of the required parts will be assembled. Any damage repairs or conditions that complicate or add to the cost the rebuild will be noted.

You will then be contacted with an accurate estimate with a break down of parts, labor and tax to complete your rebuild as well as and estimated time frame.

Performance Enhancements and Packages

Engines that have been test fired, installed in a chassis with documented dyno results of horsepower and torque.
These engines are available for those who want to minimize down time. Obviously each one is priced according to the sum of its components, machine shop and assembly time as well as consideration if a suitable core is available.

Prebuilt Performance Engines

American Cycle Performance 410-787-7300

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